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Volkl Racetiger GS R Jr Race Skis 2023


A new body has been developed for the Racetiger GS JR ski for the 2021/22 season, as it was last year for the Racetiger SL JR. A new sidecut combined with a more direct shovel response mean the GS Junior provides more support when initiating turns. The process is also assisted by a new thickness profile, which results in a modified flex in the Racetiger GS Junior.

What makes the Racetiger Junior ski so special? Each length is carefully balanced in elaborate test processes together with junior skiers at different stages of development (weight and skiing ability). The ski is then set up so that it works for both strong and the not-so-strong skiers. Although the same materials are always used, they differ in thickness, quantity and proportions, depending on the length of the ski. The proportion of beech and poplar in the wood core can be adjusted, or the thickness of the Titanal and the amount of glass in the ski varied.



102_65_84 - 130 cm (12 m) - JR Plate S
102_65_84 - 137 cm (14 m) - JR Plate L
102_65_84 - 144 cm (15 m) - JR Plate L
102_65_84 - 151 cm (17 m) - JR Plate L
104_65_86 - 158 cm (17 m) - JR Plate L
106_64_87 - 165 cm (18 m) - JR Plate L
106_64_87 - 170 cm (19 m) - JR Plate L

Full Sidewall ABS
Powered by Titanium
Speedwall Woodcore beech/poplar