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Elan Explore 80 Skis 2023 w/bindings


The Elan Explore 80 is the perfect option for beginner to intermediate level skiers looking to get off of the rentals and onto their own pair. The lightweight and nimble core delivers great response, perfect for those beginners still washing their tails out while they still lean to get the ski on edge. The CAP construction makes the Explore sturdy and durable which adds to the shelf life and a longer lasting product. A Fiberglass layer reinforces the core which adds torsional rigidity for better control once you start getting the Explore on edge. Explore the slopes on your own pair of skis with the Elan Explore 80. Mono Woodcore- Lightweight core that delivers natural liveliness and response. Full Power Cap- CAP construction that delivers durability and an easier flex. Fiberglass- Adds torsional rigidity without adding extra weight. GripWalk Compatible Bindings. EL 10 GW Bindings .