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Head Frame Wall Skis 2021


With the Framewall, you can really push your boundaries. Doesn't matter if it's rails, boxes or massive kickers. This ski is built to take major punishment in the park and the pipe. The 360 protector makes it shock resistant and indestructible. We've also developed an ultra-robust base. The ski is designed with an outstanding dampening system. This guarantees a smooth ride through the mayhem. The Framewall is the first ski that offers a 360 protector. So it can take anything the park or pipe throw at it. It also features outstanding dampening characteristics.


  • Framewall Sandwich Twintip Construction
  • UHM C Base
  • ISS - Independent Suspension System
  • PNP Rocker


    Length cm Shovel mm Waist mm Tails mm Radius m
    161 119 82 108 15,5
    171 120 83 109 17,8
    176 120 84 109 19,0
    181 121 84 110 20,2