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Leki WCR TBS SG/DH 3D Ski Poles


Experience unmatched speed on the slopes with the LEKI SUPER G/DH 3D Racing Ski Poles. Crafted from 18 mm high-strength (HTS 6.5) Aluminum, the robust WCR SG/DH 3D pole delivers durability and reliability, ensuring it can handle the demands of high-speed SuperG and Downhill skiing. Equipped with the Trigger 3D ProG grip, these poles provide a secure and ergonomic hold, allowing for precise control and maximum power transfer. The innovative multi-directional, 3D release mechanism of the Trigger 3D System expands the release range, boosting your confidence and providing enhanced security during intense downhill races. With its aerodynamic Airfoil profile, these poles effectively reduce air resistance, optimizing your speed and performance on the slopes. Elevate your skiing experience with the LEKI SUPER G/DH 3D racing poles and easily conquer any race course with precision and confidence.