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Leki WCR Lite SL 3D Ski Poles


The LEKI WCR LITE SL 3D is specifically engineered to enhance young skiers’ performance in Slalom races. With the new Trigger 3D SL Compact grip, featuring an innovative multi-directional, 3D release mechanism, you can confidently navigate through Slalom gates, enjoying an expanded release range that ensures both security and peace of mind. The compact and ergonomic shape of the grip promotes superior control, establishing a direct and seamless connection between your glove and the pole for precise handling. Crafted with an incredibly robust 16 mm Airfoil shaft, these racing ski poles withstand the rigors of gate impact while effectively reducing wind resistance and vibration. The LEKI WCR LITE SL 3D poles demonstrate that exceptional commitment to excellence for racers of any age. THE WCR LITE SL 3D is available in red or pink in 5 cm increments between 90-120 cm.